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This is what everyguy wants! Me!


Yes Vegas is all about the Benjamins! Youv’e seen casino the movie? The part where they’re in the countroom. I’ve seen thousands of dollars go from those machines out the backdoor- all legal!

100’s, 50’s, 20’s with so much greed and excess you wonder how people can waste so much money. But they do!

French champagne at $1,000 a bottle- no problem! Roses in gold vases filled with champagne. Diamonds! Ive drank cognac that was sold to a customer for $25,000.00 sealed before WW2. And Victor gets 50% of what Trena and I make him! There are 10 other girls but we are the moneymakers! We get to live in his loft on the strip and we get wined and dined by the money clients! The guys with the cash!

I  love my job!

They say Sin City changes people and they’re right. I am going to school now for real estate but I found out how much I loved being an entertainer. I was making more in a night than in a week being a nanny.

I finally quit my nanny job and moved in with my friend Trena. I was working 5 nights a week and partying the other 2 until 5am. Gambling at blackjack and all that!

I started doing private parties, bachelor parties and all that.Playing with toys and other girls- finding out I like girls as much as guys!

Trena introduced me to a guy named Javon-  he worked as a doorman and sometimes DJ. He wanted to own his own club. To do that he needed investors. Javon started working for Victor- a russian guy who lived in Vegas- was a real estate developer and managed whales- gamblers who make high rollers look like weekend tourists! His clients included mostly businessmen- who would dump tens of thousands in an hour!

I started working for Victor as a hostess at his private games and worked 2 nights a week as a club dancer. Eventually he wanted me to work fulltime for him. So I started working at his private club and hostessing his games etc. Trena and I helped him roll a lot of wealthy men into gambling at his games- not just in Vegas but Atlantic City, Colorado, South Dakota- wherever there is gambling!

Victor has a lot of businesses in the US and Russia. He owns several houses, apartment buildings and commercial establishments. Trena and I moved into a loft he owns just off the strip. From our balcony we can see the bigger casinos.

Javon is our driver and Marty is our bodyguard. Marty wants to fight in the UFC but fights for now locally in underground fights Victor puts on.

So I kind of had to keep my summer fling secret. I returned to school, ready to graduate and take on the world! Most kids in my town don’t leave the area. I wanted to at any cost. I even talked to the Air Force- good thing I didn’t!

My bf did the makeup break up thing over sex of all things! Prom came and went. I wasnt comfortable. So finally after going to Cancun for my senior trip without him and hooking up with a few guys down there we finally had sex on the night before he left for the Army.

I was going to go to a local community college and worked that summer waitressing at a bar since I was now 18 and working as a lifeguard once again when who did I run into.. but last summer’sfling- and his wife and 2 kids! I didn’t know what to say to him but after a few weekends I casually talked a few times with them about stuff and my life. I told them I wanted to leave town but didnt have the money yet.

So they asked me to be their nanny for their kids! That’s how I came to Las Vegas. I moved there in September and spent my days taking and picking up their kis from school and helping out at nights and all that as they both had travel schedules. I got to live in a large house with a pool and my own room and bathroom.

I started going out and making friends. Hit the bars,clubs and casinos- yes I figured out what a fake ID was and mine was great, worked everytime.

I started to need to make more money to pay for clothes and all that since my old wardrobe was not good for the club scene and I was becoming more comfortable with my body and all that so I started entering local bikini and wet t contests at bars and placed in every one of them. I would win 300, 500, 1000 here and there and finally…

I did an amateur strip contest for $1,500.00 but had to strip fully naked which I was not sure I could do. After a few margaritas my nerves quieted down and presto there I was naked dancing on a pole in front of hundreds of guys!

And I was born again! The head rush, attention and money!!!


Sey Nikki

I was 17 when I first had sex. I didnt have it with my boyfriend. I was working as a senior lifeguard which meant I had to close and clean up. I was cleaning the pool with the skimmer around 11PM, wearing my red bikini and a white tshirt over it.

I went into the locker rooms, first the girls and after knocking on the men’s door and not getting a response I walked in and well.. before me was an older guy in his late 30’s, he was hot for an older guy!  I had taken him water on the golfcourse the day before and I knew he checked me out a few times. Well needless to say we kind of hooked up…

I felt bad because I had kind of promised my boyfriend I would lose my virginity to him when the time was right but he didn’t have to know right. So anyway my new friend lifted up my t shirt as I untied my top letting it fall away and well the rest is history.

We hooked up a few more times that summer. I think he must have thought I was 18 and of age.

So I am from the midwest. My town had like 2000 people in it. My parents worked in the mills. Our town was pretty conservative. So called family values.

In high school I worked at the resort as a lifeguard and watergirl on the golf course. Of course I had my coming out like most girls at 14 before my first year of high school. I got my boobs and filled out and went from being a dorky glasses wearing nerd to a hot glasses wearing cheerleader and lifeguard nerd.

Then I started to grow up…

Hey everyone! I’m Nikki. In Vegas I’m known as Kitten. I am an exotic dancer at one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas.